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Because a friend told me to...even though only one of you know me :)

Posted on 2006.02.23 at 19:21
Current Mood: contentFeeling good
If you can read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, please post a comment with a memory of us - even if we don't speak very often. It can be anything you want, good or bad.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.



Posted on 2005.07.21 at 14:24
Current Mood: gloomyugh
Current Music: taps
The Smash Bros. tournament has officially been postponed on account of Mario sticking his big fat a** where it doesn't belong. Mario Golf is the likely replacement along with some sort of football game (who really cares which one). The next scheduled date will be a hopeful 'sometime in September'. Stay tuned for future updates and complaints.


Back to the old'n ways

Posted on 2005.07.17 at 12:15
Current Mood: contentI'm quite pleased
My journal is now styled the way it was when it was first made. I forgot just how good it was and I got rid of excess SC too. I may change things around yet but nothing too drastic. I think the operation turned out to be a success, though, don't you?


Just checking in

Posted on 2005.07.17 at 11:45
Current Mood: crushedstill no payment for my labor
Nothing new to say really. Well, there is a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament coming up that I'm pumped for but that's about it. Anyway, check out my new ID pic (or whatever the poop livejournal calls these things). Cool, huh? I was looking for something to get rid of some of this SC atmasphere that seems to be taking over, in other words I need to tone it down a bit. Hopefully more changes will come shortly (but don't hold your breath, it may be a while).



Posted on 2005.07.13 at 19:39
Current Mood: pessimisticJob's so mind numbingly boring
Current Music: Same thing
...I guess I lied. Darn Job, it'll be three weeks and I still haven't gotten paid. Yeah I know, I sound like your typical teen but you try shredding paper and alphabetizing files for 45-50 hours without getting paid. Yes, it hurts.


Sorry for no update in quite a while...

Posted on 2005.07.09 at 13:27
Current Mood: sleepyI will not be tired for long
Current Music: My good ol' Lupin the Third soundtrack
...but I just got a job working at my new school and it requires waking up at around 7:00 am. Thus putting the kibosh on my plans of watching late night anime as well as my usual journal update. Oh, I still try to watch my precious anime but with how tired I am by the end of the day I frequently end up, inadvertently, falling asleep at around 1:30 am. 1:00-3:00 (working around the anime) being my usual computer time. As you can probably tell, with work and continuing bouts of Soul Calibur fever, I am quite tired throughout the day. However today starts my first day off since a week ago so expect an update (more involved and lengthy than this) any day now. For the time being, farewell!


Man vs Machine!

Posted on 2005.07.04 at 01:10
Current Mood: scaredI'm sorry I had to relive that
Current Music: Only the devil's tunes this dreary night
Oh...my...god. There I was, minding my own business, editing my journal, when out of nowhere BAM! CLASH! ZAPPOW! I was hit by the ferocious blow that is hosting your own community. It's eyes glowed yellow with fury (or urine, it was dark and I only got a glimpse) as it stalked me the distance of about an hour.
Anyway, I was a curious lad. Brash, impulsive, some say stupid (so were the times) so I decided, hey, let's give this community thing a whirl, "what could happen?". What could happen indeed, I was about to take my first step down this insane asylum called a story, a story so twisted, so EVIL, that I now have to give warnings before telling it by request, nay, demand of the United States government. So here it is folks, your word of warning for the feint of heart (and those with pacemakers, taking other drugs, and pregnant women who are breast feeding) to leave now lest terrible things come upon us...
... ... ...
...all clear? Ok, good. I was disappointed in the 'community' feature and I couldn't find a way to leave it behind since I was the only one in it (don't ask, stupid livejournal rule). I eventually dreamed up a plan to create another account and nominate that one "maintainer", though at first I couldn't find where to do that. One thing led to another and bam, I beat the machine, got the girl, and had a pretty neat-o scene with me jumping out of a window followed by a nasty explosion.


Should be in the Olympics!

Posted on 2005.07.02 at 23:38
Current Mood: fullI'm content
Current Music: what is this for?
Hello again. Todays activity of choice is the amazing art of air hockey. Wow, such a simple sport can become so engaging. I was taking on my Mother at the local arcade and, after devoting so many years of practice with my Dad, felt unbeatable! The feeling is exhilarating as you expertly deflect attack after attack and send bouncing, spiking (and sometimes flying!) drills of aggression back at your opponent. If you've ever wanted a sport to feel completely bad-ass in with minimal breakage of sweat air hockey is your game :).

Anyway, as you can probably guess, I'm still addicted to the harbinger of souls that is Soul Calibur II. My main man Raphael got pummeled like you wouldn't believe in the game's extremely hard difficulty mode, though with all of my auto evade and GI move skills I've recently been honing I'm getting ever closer to mastering it (which is still a ways off mind you). If any of my beloved fans want to spread your knowledge/advice on the game to others (and me!) feel free to do so. That's right, all...zero of you...darn.


my obsession

Posted on 2005.07.02 at 10:48


First post

Posted on 2005.07.02 at 02:02
Current Mood: drained2 AM and I'm, well, drained
Whoohoo! First post! Lets all relish this moment and bow our heads to the current force of my life... Soul Calibur II. Yes, Namco's master fighter has stolen my heart once again and is sucking up many an hour a day. The game just beautifully allows the player to witness his/her skill improve after every fight. Oh not a day goes by anymore where I don't think about how if I just become a little better at doing blah blah blah I'll be unstoppable, now that's what a fighting game is all about.

Yeah yeah, short entry on the first day but it's 2:08 AM and I'm really quite tired so here's to tomorrow, and another day of Soul Calibur II.